Opening code editor once again


I didn’t do any serious software development related projects since a career change. Considering how fast the technology progresses and new exciting things getting announced every day, I suddenly had an urge to refresh my knowledge & polish my coding skills. While doing all that share & document progress at the same time. And thus opening a code editor once again.

Projects to work on

Before deciding on a project, I must consider few things below:

SpongeBob: “Come on, think!”

Small Project

For the small project, it is quite simple, create my blog without using any site builders. It will act as a gateway to re-enter the software development scene.

Big Project

The main project will be “Goal Diary” (actual name in progress or not). It is a to-do app with a big focus on helping in organizing and planning daily tasks, however making sure the tasks are aligned with achieving a long term goal. And by the end of achieving a goal, progress can be looked at and visualized, just like a diary, day by day.

In a nutshell, it is a to-do app with a heavily opinionated system.

Of course, it is just one idea out of many for the main project, however, based on rough assessment, it ticks all the checkboxes. It is also the idea that excites me the most, as I need this kind of app in my daily life and it is a to-do app I see myself sticking to long term.

Course is set

The projects have been selected and all that is left is to start them. I will end this entry with a promise to myself:

“Post an update on the progress at least once a week”.

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Duy Anh Ngac

I like to create and tinker with stuff while documenting everything. Sometimes a spark happens and a small thing is born.